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How It Works

We Seek Knowledge

We are looking for Participants who can help shape the lives of our Viewers.

Here is How It Works if you are interested in becoming a Participant:

The Participant - anyone who has had a visibly and verifiably high level of success, in life, business, or done significant work with charities is willing to volunteer to speak on camera.

The Participant Requirement - anyone who has had high level of success, in life, business, or done significant work with charities AND is willing to share some of their story for success on video which will be advertised to every major social media outlet and across TWBP’s network.   

The Participant’s Questions – the Participant will be asked to prepare a written and then video response to the following questions:

  • Who are you?

  • What do you do?

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • What are the 10 most important factors that made/make you great at what you do?

  • What have you done recently and what are you looking to continue to do to give back?

The Participant’s Contribution (You) -

The video content you (The Participant shares) will help millions.  It will be shared many times.  You are making an indelible contribution to a global education initiative.  Your commitment to creating this content will save lives.  You are providing a wealth of education and a kernel of hope.  You will support missions important to you and many others on this planet.  It is your call to action and not just a showcase for your unique brand. 

When preparing a keynote response, you (the Participant), should think about the knowledge and wisdom you can share with any viewer, as if you were providing a “Course” or a short seminar to the viewer, specifically describing how to be the greatest at what you do if you were asked to start all over again.  The Wealth Building Project is about giving, where the viewer does the receiving.  A version of your “The Wealth Building Project - TWBP” (however way you see fit delivering your extraordinarily important message) should share your inner most talent as if you were teaching the viewer about that talent, profession, practice, trade in these moments you are in front of the camera and why it is important to you and the world.

 We encourage you to speak openly about the ongoing creation of your own “The Wealth Building Project (TWBP)” what it means to you and how the experience of that Wealth Building Project has influenced your outlook on life and what you do every day.  As we have said, the opportunity is a profound, fun, reflective, memorable and a rewarding experience for everyone involved in the production.

Production Props we encourage you the Participant to wear attire or have a prop, a logo, a foundational phrase, or a hashtag that would somehow symbolize your own version of “The Wealth Building Project (TWBP)”.  If not, we can provide you “The Wealth Building Project” embroidered attire.

Participant Time Requirement

1 Day – for 2 hours by video conference. 


In a rare instance, The Wealth Building Project video crew may look to travel to the Place of Participant’s choice and set up a studio for the interview, however this is the exception and not the rule.  Nearly 100% of the time, the video work is done virtually.  If travel, or other out of pocket time and materials are required, The Wealth Building Project crew will provide you an estimated out of pocket cost if it is applicable in advance of your production.  The Wealth Building Project does not cover any of these out of pocket expenses.  These expenses are 100% the responsibility of the Participant or the Host. The Wealth Building Project will pay for (The Wealth Building Project) embroidered attire, or The Wealth Building Project accessories, ship the attire and set up virtual backgrounds and images.  Again, any costs that may be involved (that are not covered by The Wealth Building Project) will be clearly communicated in advance and in writing to you.  We want to avoid any out-of-pocket cost to you the Participant/Host, while providing the highest quality of content to the viewers.   

About The Wealth Building Project – TWBP is a platform where ideas, inspiration and knowledge are shared.  The mission fosters goodwill and mentorship for life, financial and altruistic matters, using our three pillars in no order of importance, #1 Personal Development #2 Sales Wisdom #3 Financial Literacy.  Our mission is to motivate and bring happiness to the world.  Spread the wealth and spread the love!

The Wealth Building Project Covenant -  Although The Wealth Building Project is not a nonprofit organization, we do take great pride as part of our ethos to advertise, volunteer and donate our money to the charity of the Participant/ Host’s choice for the Participant’s/Host’s time.  It will be Participant’s/ Host’s choice to advertise the charity of its choice or not during the production.  In some cases, the charity may be relevant to the content the Participant/Host is looking to share.

The Wealth Building Project – Recruitment Mission – The Wealth Building Project will screen candidates for video shootings so we can continuously qualify content for our viewers.  If you know someone, or you want to be involved let us know

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