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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”
- Benjamin Franklin

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We all will be better for “The Wealth Building Project”

My name is Gian Verri and thanks for visiting our Project.  I am the first “participant”, “the first host’ of the program, but I am also a “viewer” and a “guest” all at the same time. I’ll explain. 

As I write, I still ask myself, what is the true meaning of wealth?


For me, the term “wealth” is so profound, I could write a book about it, and I’d most likely never finish it. It would probably be a rehash of what has already been said countless times for eons.  


For now, I’ll spare you all the details, so you consider a popular, contemporary, and concise perspective, as it relates to what I call “The Wealth Building Project”. 


The term “wealth” cannot be just limited in the traditional sense to an individual’s, a societies or a country’s accumulation of material, tangible, physical assets, products, goods, services, and resources. It cannot be used only as a term to compare individuals, societies, and countries to one another from solely a financial standpoint.  

Wealth is far more than a monetary measuring stick, a currency, money, income, a balance sheet, a physical asset, an ownership, and or a Gross Domestic Product indicator. 


Is the term “wealth” also a measurement of almost anything that could be considered relatively scarce and intangible?  


Is wealth shareable?

Could the degree of scarcity differ based on a certain vantage point that may never be material and still amount to something real?


What does this mean for you or me right now? How could you and I apply something that may not be available everywhere- and make it available, always on and all the time?


This is the journey I want to take with you answering each of these profound questions in a unique, simple, continuous, and empirical way.  I commit to you that we will always continue to learn and make learning opportunities visible, detailed and fun for everyone. 


This is the everyday Project our group has undertaken as an exclusive commitment to you, sharing ideas, knowledge, inspiration, motivation, mentorship, and love without any conditions whatsoever.  


My time, my health, my spirituality, the love I feel inside, the love I have for my partner, kids, mother, or father for example is present today.   I had to learn some of this and certainly I am blessed having been raised in such a loving family.  I suppose some of this comes naturally, genetically or by developing a high self-esteem from mentors.  


I am lucky beyond imagination. I was born healthy, and I discovered happy. 

I’m not limited in any way!


I have learned skill sets, in particular the power of direct selling, writing, communicating, and listening.  I try to instill the importance of “effort” which is not easily learned.  I teach effective methods for prospecting and closing sales. I try my absolute best to show you, our viewer the power of resourcefulness.  When you become good at something, it always becomes worthwhile. 


We discuss the importance of taking care of your mind and body and the personal contribution you make to your own peace of mind.  When you practice these techniques every day, you have a chance to make peace with yourself. 


I am a founding member of a multibillion-dollar organization. I was hired as a salesperson, and I have never changed my role or responsibility.  I am asked to sell and execute on acquiring new customers. 


I am the top sales producer every year. The organization (I helped found) has been in business for 22 plus years (as I write). 


I can offer you something. I can take you on a short trip into my day, show you what it looks like, and how I have been able to capture my activities and behaviors into short video modules that you can review as many times as you would like.


The real world is hard. The school system may prepare you for the professional real world in some ways, as an example. Life and the real world does not prepare you for shockwaves when you don’t have teachers to lean on when things get hard, or they do not go your way.


Our life is an ongoing school project, served up to us like a multiple-choice exam that we are participating in no matter what.  It goes like this.


  1. Fair

  2. Unfair

  3. Just

  4. Unjust

  5. Easy

  6. Difficult

  7. Extremely Difficult

  8. All of the Above



The real “professional” world is a multiple-choice exam where there is no wrong answer. The exam kind of happens as you go, no matter what that “professional” world looks like.


Think of the professional world like an emotionally winding roller coaster at an amusement park. The school system does not tell you what you’ll see in the haunted house either, except that you might be scared!


Life is a gritty grind, requiring sacrifices, focus and very specific habits, behaviors, balances, and objectives.  Period.


What I DON’T KNOW will fill a book or two.  I am getting there….


I am 50 years old as I write


In the meantime, when I publish my video segments on You Tube, I am videoing to my younger self even though it may not always come across that way.


I am trying at the very least.  Most of this is new to me, so please be patient 😊


I prepare what I want to say based on what I would want to hear if I wanted to improve my performance as a businessperson, a “professional (a salesperson in my example), or if I was hoping to become an investor, financially prepare for a more financially sound life, or if I was hoping to improve my mental and physical health, or maybe I want to be more involved in charitable humanitarian initiatives.


I would want to know what I know TODAY, as if I was speaking to myself in the past, starting all over, with a new slate, from nothing and with no track record. 


I write and produce to give you what I think is the best version of humanity. I try to give my viewer a well-rounded approach to life as a whole based on my experiences . This is what I like to call, “Wealth Roundedness.”


Wealth is like learning the alphabet all over again.


Wealth =Attitude

Wealth =Behavior

Wealth = Confidence

Wealth =Commitment  

Wealth =Consistency

Wealth =Dignity 

Wealth = Excellence

Wealth =Faith

Wealth =Gratitude   


Wealth =Hope

Wealth =Inspiration

Wealth =Justice

Wealth =Kindness  

Wealth =Love




 ....fill in the rest of the alphabet as you see fit.  “The Wealth Building Project” is a metaphor for our lives and like learning the "Alphabet" all over again today and then again tomorrow.


We become “Wealthy” the moment we come into existence.  The miracle of life represents the inception of our “Wealth Building Project,” yet sometimes we take a lifetime for granted to realize every day, we are building our own unique versions of our “The Wealth Building Project.”


Our “Wealth” is captured by the breadth and brevity of our existence today.  Life is short, but also profound. “The Wealth Building Project”, is exactly that, a “Project” that is much larger than one individual alone with an intentionally profound and carefully planned view of what we are capable of becoming, as humans, individually and collectively in a short span of time.


Our vantage is individual, collective, continuous, successive, and generational.  It is up to the viewer to make sense of it all, or not.     


I hope down the road, the platform will share and chronicle the hopes, desires, and visions of many people (young or old) from all walks of life and not just me.  These stories can also be told and videoed under a similar format where each “participant” is asked the same rhetorical question; “What is your “Wealth Building Project”, and why is it SO important to you ? – as our guest or for you the “host”. 


Our viewers will have instantaneous access to our guest’s real time stories and secrets to showcase successes, and a whole slew of learning experiences from carefully selected participants – just like myself.  


I have “given” my life unconditionally to my loved ones. I have given my heart and soul to my profession. I have been “given” so much to be grateful to have the ability to share it right now with you. 


This is my manifesto: “The Wealth Building Project”, which has been choreographed much more for giving than for receiving. My vision is much more about the potency of education and knowledge, which has no boundaries and no comparisons. 


Ideas, knowledge, inspiration, motivation, mentorship will be shared openly, lovingly, and freely on this web site and on every major social media platform. 


This is not a call for money. This is not complicated, costly, or misleading. There are no barriers to entry. 


I am calling on you to think about your version of prosperity and perhaps you’ll even consider contributing to the project by accepting the torch we will pass to teach your own unique talent that could help anyone. 


I am eager to help you discover excellence, purpose, and dignity. It will be fun, reflective and an extraordinarily rewarding experience for all. 


It is simple, when you want to learn, you are a “viewer”. When you have something to teach, you become a “participant”, a “guest” or even the “host.”    


Let’s get this rolling.    – Giannandrea Verri

“To whom much is given, much is expected”
- Winston Churchill

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