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Who We Are

The Wealth Building Platform (TWBP) is a platform where ideas, inspiration, and knowledge are shared. The mission fosters goodwill and mentorship for life, financial and altruistic matters.  Our mission is to motivate and bring happiness to the world. Spread the wealth and spread the love!

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The Story Behind the Project

Boston is the largest city in New England and ranks among the world’s top cities as a global economic hub. At the heart of Boston’s character is a legacy built on innovation and creativity. With a total of seven top 50 schools anchored by MIT and Harvard, as well as world-renowned research institutes and teaching hospitals, the metro Boston area is a true knowledge driven economy. From education and healthcare to life sciences, finance, and high tech, this metro area has evolved into a truly diversified global economy that is attracting top talent, businesses, and investors.

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Perks of the project

The Wealth Building Project is a fund that would gather other funds so investors can

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