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        The Wealth Building Project will guide our superstar athletes on an inspiring journey towards financial empowerment. Through tailored educational programs and personalized mentorship, these athletes will gain invaluable knowledge and skills to secure their financial futures.






















The Wealth Building Project’s educational initiative is going boldly where nobody has gone before and where nobody is willing to go.  We are looking to tackle an American and Global Financial Literacy Problem using a small segment of society as a case study.

For the sake of this exercise, we expect to empower nobly, ethically, and legitimately 7 adult student athletes (a combination of seniors in High School and College Level) by providing a real-life simulation of what the students can expect to see in the real world, before they even step foot in the real world.

Furthermore, these coaching and professional strategies are demonstrated by proven business leaders, in a proven business setting in conjunction with licensed educators to impart personal, professional, and financial growth.




Most importantly, the team building experiences are parallel to the workplace. 


Name Image Likeness is a controversial topic and one that will continue to be very controversial until someone steps up.  The Wealth Building Project has expressed interest in helping provide clarity to Name Image Likeness, through its educational reform.

For full disclosure, The Wealth Building Project cooperates with student athletes that reside in USA States where Name Image Likeness is legal. The Wealth Building Project provides on video mentorship and leadership development social media content fostering a combination of its three covenants, in no order of importance: #1 Sales Wisdom #2 Personal Development #3 Financial Literacy.

Name Image Likeness uses its social media prowess to advertise for the name: “The Wealth Building Project” and its educational mission.  The Wealth Building Project believes, with this case study as an emblem, it will better align students, with higher educational institutions, local businesses to those institutions and financial literacy overall.

For this exercise, an Educational Group has Teamed up with The Wealth Building Project, and a local business to design and deliver a videoed curriculum to the case study student athletes.

The Wealth Building Project in connection with the licensed Educational Organization, team up with a small business to provide a virtual classroom where student athletes have a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to start a business, by learning firsthand how a growing start up business (12 years in operation) can mentor them.


The volunteering students shadow the volunteering small business designated leaders, to cultivate role playing by creating a simulation of work roles and responsibilities exclusively for the students exactly as they relate to the operating business.


The students participate as a group in each prescheduled virtual class.  The business leadership team uses a combination of live and prerecorded content.

For example, in advance of the initial classroom session, each student is provided a description of the said businesses leadership roles being replicated.  After reading the descriptions, and over a one-on-one video, each student is asked (separately) to choose the role they feel most comfortable or where they see themselves.

As the students think about their roles, the educators and business coaches use examples the student athletes can relate to, to synthesize the students’ immersion into the real-life business setting.  In the end, each student learns all the roles (regardless of which role they initially choose) as the collaborative experience allows them to see the “whole field” together.  The knowledge obtained is truly transformative.

The students, educators and business coaches share combined virtual classroom sessions, and personal event time at least once per month with one another for one full year.

The sacrifice is relatively significant given the students, educators and business coaches collectively have busy schedules in addition to the nature of this very time intensive and detail-oriented volunteer work.

In summary, this amazing case study will hopefully continue, by inspiring other workshop like silos, to conduct their very own “The Wealth Building Project” for ALL TO SEE.

This case study can showcase a place businesses, educators and students intentionally come together in an incubation play, providing millions of popcorns for hope by providing some students a kernel to help them pop.

Follow us @thewealthbuildingproject on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, You Tube and Tik Tok for a glimpse into the latest developments on our case study.   If you have questions about the case study, please email us at

Sofia Macaluso, one of our student athletes, shares the meaning of The Wealth Building Project

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